Out with the old ….

Are you tired of hearing the same-old, same-old diet rules? So am I. And guess what? Some of those tired old rules are just that — tired. It’s time to get some NEW rules in place. So I’ve scoured the literature, and spoken to diet experts, to find out what …

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Cut this from your diet and cut out headaches

Lots of people suffer from headaches. In fact, almost everyone experiences them once in awhile. And new research out of Johns Hopkins has found that 1 simple ingredient in your diet may be the cause.1 Let’s take a look at the study to find out what it is. Researchers assigned …

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Beware the hazards of exercise!

Too much exercise can be a bad thing.

Experts, including myself, have said for years that the secret to losing weight is … wait for it … There is no secret. You need to eat right and exercise. Am I right? Maybe not. A new study shows that exercise may actually make you GAIN weight.1 Arizona researchers found …

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You’re fat and feel like crap? It’s hormonal: Part 1

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to Sara Gottfried, a Harvard-educated physician, wife, mom, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, “The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality With The Gottfried Protocol.“ If you click the play button on the video at the top …

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The top 3 energy suckers and how to fix them

A special guest post from Sara Gottfried, M.D. You weren’t meant to go through life feeling tired, fat, cranky, stressed out, sleep-deprived and unhappy. These negative patterns are a sure sign that something is out of whack in your body — and the most likely culprit is that your hormones …

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What do you do when you just want to drop?

One of the toughest things about exercise is …. well … toughing it out. When you’re tired and sweaty on that daily walk …. sometimes all you want to do is make it stop! But cutting your workout before you’re done? Not cool. So how do you stay motivated when …

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The 3 best menopause moves

Menopause can be reversed through proper diet and exercise.

Going through menopause? Or close to it? I’m told it can be hell. The thermostat’s set to 60° but you still feel 100°. You blew up at your husband because he left his shoes by the front door. And you KNOW you didn’t leave your keys in the front door …

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A secret ingredient to help you lose weight

Spices can increase your enjoyment at meal time without adding fat.

Some of the biggest complaints I hear from customers who are trying to eat leaner … Healthy food is so flavorless! I feel like I’m eating cardboard. My food is so boring and bland! Personally, I don’t think healthy food tastes boring. In fact, I think veggies and fruit are …

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3 ways product labels are lying to you

I do what everyone recommends — I shop the perimeter, and I study food labels. That should be enough to keep me healthy. But reading food labels can be deceiving. On the surface what may “appear” to be healthy, can actually be anything but … How can you decipher the …

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The dangers of middle-age spread

BMI is just a ratio of your body weight in relation to your height.

Is your middle magnifying? I know the feeling. As I’ve reached the ripe old age of 50, it’s gotten harder and harder to keep that middle sucked in. (More on that later.) Unfortunately, the middles of the rest of the country are spreading as well. According to a new study …

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The new miracle nutrient: What’s all the fuss about?

Things that you don't want to miss to have a healthy good life.

Imagine being able to: help build strong bones boost immune function promote heart health And even help to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood glucose. All with 1 nutrient. Could it be possible? Some emerging research is pointing to a yes. And yet, according to the most recent National Health …

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3 big fitness lies (that are keeping you fat)

Lifting light weights with many repetition does not guarantee lean muscles.

I’m a pretty even-keeled guy. But even I get bent out of shape when I hear people talking nonsense about fitness. Despite all the research that’s out there, people STILL believe this baloney. And many times, that’s exactly what’s keeping them from leading a healthy lifestyle! It’s tough to separate …

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Diet setback? Don’t worry, we have the answers.

When you experience a setback on your diet or exercise, just take the time to prepare yourself to get back on track.

What do you do when the inevitable diet or exercise setback happens? It might be an injury that prevents exercise, an emotional event that causes you to overeat or a simple slip-up. I know it’s easy to give up. But according to my new friend Linda Spangle (a top-selling author …

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