Metabolism: What Is it and Can You Make it Over?

Increase Your Metabolism with Muscle

We all have questions about metabolism. Among our most burning… what is it, why some people’s seem faster than others and how we can speed up our own? So I decided to interview a legend in the field, David Katz, MD, MPH. Dr. Katz is not only the author of Disease Proof, …

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How Doing Good Makes You Healthier

The other day my friend told me the most heartwarming story. She took her daughter out for breakfast, and when she asked for the bill, the waitress came back with a note: Life is short. Enjoy your time together. This one's on me. The note wasn't signed and when she looked …

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Can This Bacteria Help You Lose Weight?

Can this bacteria help you lose weight?

You've probably heard loads about the pros of probiotics already. If you haven't, or if you don't know what probiotics are, they're microorganisms (science speak for bacteria) that help promote a balanced environment in the intestinal tract. These friendly bacteria are commonly found in fermented foods-milk, yogurt, cabbage, fruit, and soybeans-and …

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What To Do When Willpower is Weak

The other day we had friends over for dinner. As a gift for their hosts, our friends brought us a tremendous box of cupcakes… Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet… drowning in icing and oh, so delicious. Although my wife, Melanie, served the cupcakes for dessert, there were still at least a dozen remaining after …

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A Fruit is Not a Vegetable

“Eat your fruits and vegetables,” is and always has been, a common mantra in Nutritionland. In fact, the most recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that you fill half your plate with fruits AND vegetables. Sounds healthy, but there’s just one little problem…. Fruits and vegetables are NOT the same …

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To Bean or Not to Bean

Confused about what to eat? Join the club. Even I, a medical doctor, get frustrated about all the conflicting information. One week medical experts tout the benefits of carbs, the next week they say stay away from them. Suddenly, it's Don't eat fat. And just as quickly the message is, Fat is …

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What to Do When The Scale is Stuck

What do you when the scale is stuck

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar… You've been eating well and exercising steadily, and progressively the pounds have been yielding. Then, all of a sudden, BAM! The scale seems stuck. And not just for one day, but for week after week. And, no matter how closely you follow your diet …

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Could Saturated Fat Be Good For You?

Could saturated fat be good for you?

A juicy steak, whole milk and eggs… Three foods you may have banished from your diet long ago. All because for decades, experts have preached that saturated fat clogs our arteries and leads to heart disease. In fact, when you hear the term “saturated fat,” you usually also hear “artery-clogging” …

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These Healthy Foods Will Make You Fat! [Part Two]

Making fresh orange juice

A while ago, I wrote about three healthy foods that will make you fat and a lot of you told me that this made a big difference. Nothing is worse than thinking you are eating “harmless” foods that in reality are adding inches. It's betrayal, plain and simple. So I thought it was a good …

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Your Favorite Meal Made Over

Today I want to introduce you to Lori Grisham, one of our Healthy Life Coaches. Lori is going to show you a substitution trick that has helped one of our customers and his wife lose a combined total of 40 pounds. Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D. Hello, One of my coaching secrets is helping …

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Three Strange Ways To Prevent Overeating

It's easy to overeat. In fact, overeating is pretty much built into our culture. We can blame it on “super-sized” servings, lack of traditional meal times, foods that are engineered to make it impossible to stop eating… the list goes on and on. So how do you fight back? What …

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