Can A Quick, Green Super Food Be The Weight Loss Answer for Busy People?

I can’t tell you how often I hear from people that they would eat healthy if they only had the time.

And I am with you. As a father of three, with one more on the way, I also find it difficult to have time for proper nutrition (especially for my first meal of the day).

The problem is that eating poorly at your first meal sets you up for a hormonal cascade that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight.

It makes you tired and sluggish, and causes cravings. But perhaps worst of all, it often sets the precedent for how you’ll eat the rest of the day.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s so important.

But what constitutes a good choice?

Ideally, you want something that:

1) Suppresses appetite
2) Boosts your metabolism…and…
3) Helps to reduce body fat.

So I started exploring many of the “Fast” healthy foods being marketed today, and found it extremely difficult to find one that I would use myself… let alone recommend.

But stick with me, I found one. But first, what to avoid…


The Terrible Options

Protein and meal replacement bars turn out to be loaded with either too much sugar or artificial sweeteners. Even the “all natural” varieties are laced with so much “natural sugar” that they really are nothing more than dressed up candy bars.

Meal replacement shakes suffer from the same problems. When I finally found a couple with a healthy mix of ingredients, the taste was horrific. Not something one would stick with over time… that’s for sure.

Some hormone-free protein powders actually tasted pretty good, but you need more than just protein for a meal.

So what to do?

“Green Drinks” and Wholefood Based Nutrition

Green juices are great but Athletic Greens is better

Then I was introduced to the idea of green drinks. These are powders containing concentrated vegetables and fruits that have incredible nutritional profiles.

I thought if I could add these to an all-natural protein, I would have my problem solved.

After reading several labels, however, these drinks seemed to be nothing but grasses, designed more for cows than for people. And they really just didn’t taste that good.

But after talking to some more people, I was introduced to a different, more comprehensive kind of green drink – a “food cocktail” that changed my perspective entirely.

Athletic Greens: The King of Super Food Cocktails

Athletic Greens Bottle

A friend of mine is also friends with New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Body (a great read). And through this relationship I was introduced to the creator of a product called Athletic Greens, Chris Ashenden.

After speaking with Chris, it became apparent that there’s a lot of misinformation circulating about vitamin products, green drinks, and super food cocktails.

Enough so that even if I did enjoy the taste of the other green drinks I had tried, I probably still wouldn’t want to consume them.

This Nutritional Powerhouse Somehow Tastes Good

Before expanding on what I learned, I just have to tell you that Athletic Greens tastes good… really good. I still don’t understand how they pulled that one off. I actually enjoy drinking it.

So what is in this stuff, and why is it different?

First, let’s talk about what is NOT in it. No GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), yeast, peanuts, animal products, herbicides, wheat, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors/flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose,
or dextrose.

This is a long list, and as a supplement formulator I can tell you this is extremely difficult and expensive to pull off. What it means is that opposed to any other “green drink”, there are no corners cut.

This is what IS in 12 Grams of Complete Nutrition

Unlike traditional green drinks, Athletic Greens contains far more than just greens. It actually contains four categories of super foods.

1. Alkaline, Raw, Greens: These super foods are freeze-dried to preserve their structure and to lock in the nutrients. They are also cold milled as to not damage the enzymes (this is rare).

2. Nutrient Dense Natural Herbs and Antioxidants: These are all extracted from raw foods for maximum absorbability. One serving contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables (this is more than a day’s worth).

3. Pre and Probiotics, Naturally Occurring Enzymes: I can’t tell you how important natural enzymes and probiotics are for your gut and your ability to absorb nutrients. These are dairy-free probiotics and enzymes so you do not have to worry about allergies.

4. Essential Minerals & Vitamins: The proper vitamins & minerals are necessary for doing essential things like regulating blood sugar, healthy hormone levels, regulating nerve function, and much more. And unlike most minerals you may get from supplements… these are readily absorbed by your body. And as you might know, it’s very hard to get the proper minerals from diet alone. But each serving of Athletic Greens contains all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Throw Away Your Multi-Vitamin?

Athletic Greens replaces your daily multivitamin

One thing you will find if you study the label and talk to Chris is that by taking just one serving a day, you really don’t need to take a multi-vitamin anymore.

In fact, most multi-vitamins are synthetic and not readily absorbable… Athletic Greens replaces even the even the most high-end multi-vitamin.

You also don’t need your probiotic or enzyme supplement either. You still need your Omega-3 source and specialty formulas, but this has most other basic nutritional requirements completely covered… and it tastes good!

How Do You Use Athletic Greens?

Protein shaker bottle

Like I mentioned earlier, I recommend it before or as part of your first meal of the day (whether you are busy or not). You then have your nutritional needs covered. What I can say from experience and talking to a lot of my peers who also use it is that you simply feel better… it is an energy powerhouse.

It was actually designed for elite athletes and you can tell why. It delivers a nice even energy boost without the peaks and valleys of stimulant-laced energy drinks.

For a meal, I recommend combining it with an all-natural, hormone-free, vanilla or plain protein powder (I am still evaluating those). It tastes great and this then becomes a complete meal.

If you just want a snack, or want to satisfy some late night cravings I recommend just taking some on its own or in some unsweetened almond milk. It would be impossible to hurt any diet doing this.

How to Try Some for Yourself

As you can tell, I am pretty high on this stuff! But if I were you, I would just go to their web page and do some reading to find out more… there are more facts than I can mention here.

Make sure to read the list of 76 Ingredients, it is truly impressive.

Click Here to Learn More About Athletic Greens

I will tell you that it is not inexpensive. It is simply impossible to provide high quality formulas like this at a low price. I’m a big believer that you get what you pay for, and with Athletic Greens you certainly do.

Just price out Chris’s ingredients and if you are like me you will still be scratching your head as to why it doesn’t cost a LOT more.

Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D.
Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Note: From time to time I come across exceptional products that I choose to use myself and/or recommend to friends and family. Should you decide to try these products for yourself, RealDose may receive compensation. Regardless, all products must meet my stringent standards with respect to quality, efficacy, and customer support before they ever get my recommendation.

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  1. Sorry, I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I should be eating and drinking. I am expecting the rest of my Real Dose Nutritional System to arrive soon. I’m already taking the SC Omega 3 TG. My plan was to have a protein drink using Real Meal GF and Real Reds for breakfast, a Real Meal GF shake for lunch, and a well balanced meal for dinner.
    The Athletic Greens sounds great for getting my full complement of good veggies and the other 4 categories of benefits listed. My question is if I add Real Meal GF to the Athletic Greens, would this be a suitable substitute for my dinner? To tell you the truth, that would be pretty good as I’m not much for cooking and this way I’m pretty much guaranteed of getting all the essential nutrients I need and more.
    Is that a wise idea or is there a better way to utilize the Athletic Greens?
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask some questions about Athletic Greens.

    Your biggest fan
    Chris McDowell

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! Yes, a scoop or two or Athletic Greens and RealMeal GF, is a hearty meal by itself. You can have it either for breakfast or dinner but I do suggest that you only make it replace 1 meal a day and then have the other one as a snack. We always recommend that you get most of your nutrients from real food. The reason being, while the RealMeal GF is an effective meal supplement, other components such as fibers, minerals and some vitamins can only be had from real food. That aside, if you are not into cooking, you can get the same from a salad or steaming vegetables. Hope this helps and I wish you great success on your journey to better health! Have a healthy day!

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