Are You Sitting Your Way To An Early Death?

Even if you exercise once a day, new research indicates that you need to get off your behind. More specifically, it turns out sitting too long increases your risk of an early death. The study just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine1 demonstrated that adults who sat for eleven …

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Seven “Healthy” Foods That Will Increase Belly Fat

A particularly insidious cause of unexpected weight gain is what I call “Belly Fat Impostors.” These foods dress up in healthy clothing, but behind the curtain they wreak havoc on your waistline. Below are the seven impostors I find most egregious: 1) “Fat Free” Foods: Just because a food is …

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Hormonal Consequences of Crash Dieting

Know the long-term results of crash dieting.

Because the response to my blog post on fast versus slow weight loss was so strong, I decided to review a recent study about the long-term results of crash dieting. More specifically, the study investigated what happens to appetite hormones after 10 weeks of dieting… one year later. The Crash …

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Brown Fat – Don’t Be Left Out In the Cold!

There’s yet another “weight loss breakthrough” making the rounds in scientific circles… and this time it’s none other than fat itself. Seems ironic, maybe even contradictory, until you realize that the research and buzz is about a unique and rare type of adipose tissue – referred to as “brown fat” …

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The New Science Behind Probiotics and Getting Lean

Probiotics can help get you that flat tummy

The numbers are astonishing: In spite of having about 10 trillion cells in your body, you have about 10 times more micro-organisms living in your gut. Most of these bacteria live in your digestive tract and help break down your food, absorb vital nutrients and make key vitamins. But in …

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This Can Reduce Abdominal Fat

Barbara Harris, Edmonton, AB, Canada asked: Question: “Some time ago, I received an email regarding cortisol. Since then I’ve been taking deep “belly breaths” through the nose, holding for two minutes, then blowing out through my mouth, repeating three to four times at a time. I have been doing this …

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Will Juicing Help You Lose Weight Faster?

Green Juice for cleansing

Jill U from Fort Meyers, Florida asked: Question: “Will adding a juicer help me to lose weight faster? I do not like eating veggies and thought that this was a great way to get the micronutrients that I need.” Answer: That’s a great question, Jill, and thanks for asking. You …

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The Two-Day-A-Week Diet

I’m always skeptical when I hear something that says you can get better results with less effort. It is usually just a fad, or there is “hidden effort” somewhere… So when I came across a British study finding women who dieted only two days a week lost almost twice as …

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Rare Coffee Bean More Than Doubles Fat Loss

Science is always more interesting when it is counterintuitive. Case in point… it has been clearly established that caffeine induces insulin resistance. And insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes and serious weight problems. And you would think that drinking coffee (among the main sources of caffeine in the world) …

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Rhodiola: Stress Eliminator… Mood Enhancer

Rhodiola rosea’s health benefits are so wide reaching that Richard P. Brown MD., professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, decided to write a whole book dedicated to this stress fighting herb. In his book, The Rhodiola Revolution, Dr. Brown mentions he prescribes Rhodiola for …

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