Curb Your Cravings and Silence Your Hunger

Imagine eating a modest meal in the evening, nothing too big, and then NEVER feeling hungry for the rest of the night… and I mean not even giving food a second thought. That’s how things are supposed to be. When your “hunger hormones” are working like they should, your brain …

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Adiponectin, the New Fat Burning Hormone on the Block

Move over leptin… adiponectin is the newest fat-produced hormone getting serious scientific attention. It appears to play a key role in the biology of how humans burn fat. And more importantly, it could help us actually burn fat more effectively by turning fat into energy. According to Dr. Leo Galland, …

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Fat Loss By the Numbers

Because we like things easy… some “experts” try to make shedding pounds into a simple game of “calories in – calories out”. Although calories are important, we know losing weight simply isn’t that easy. However, if there were a paint-by-numbers solution for shrinking your belly, it would come in the …

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Adiponectin: The Super Fat Burning Hormone

You might have read a bit about adiponectin in my free report, but this was really just the tip of iceberg! Not only does increasing adiponectin burn fat… New research also indicates that increasing your levels of adiponectin can suppress type 2 diabetes. Let’s focus on diabetes. In a recent …

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The Truth About Cardio

Are you doing too much Cardio?

If your main fat loss tool is long cardio… Jogging, long bike rides, an hour a day on the treadmill, or basically any cardio that takes you more than 16 minutes to complete… Then you have fallen for the “cardio myth”… and are probably having a hard time keeping the …

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