This beef stroganoff recipe sheds pounds

Crackers, coaching and recipes can be a powerful combination. Read below and discover how Lori, one of our health coaches, used this combination to help one of our customers lose a significant amount of weight … For the first time in 10 years. Maryann S., from Orlando, Fla., struggled with …

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Your Favorite Meal Made Over

Today I want to introduce you to Lori Grisham, one of our Healthy Life Coaches. Lori is going to show you a substitution trick that has helped one of our customers and his wife lose a combined total of 40 pounds. Steve Sisskind, M.D. Hello, One of my coaching secrets …

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Add This To Your Diet And Eat Less

Whipped smoothie full of air

Forget counting calories. Research out of Penn State has found that adding one simple substance to your meals may be the easiest and most satisfying way to lose weight. In fact, it’s all around us, and it’s free. What is it? I’ll tell you in just a minute. First, let’s …

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Eat This For Breakfast – Five Healthy Recipes

Fresh raspberries and yogurt

Lynn in Vancouver, British Columbia asked: Question: “We’ve been told a lot of things that we shouldn’t eat for breakfast. It would be helpful if instead, you could list five examples of good breakfasts we can eat. People need to know what to do differently as much as what to …

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Are You Turning Your Salad into Junk Food?

Here’s a good way to wreck your diet, without even realizing it. Picture this: You’re standing in your kitchen over a bowl of crisp, organic greens… You add some sliced tomato, throw in some chopped broccoli, sprinkle in dried cranberries and top it off with grilled, free-range chicken… …and then …

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