Beware the hazards of exercise!

Too much exercise can be a bad thing.

Experts, including myself, have said for years that the secret to losing weight is … wait for it … There is no secret. You need to eat right and exercise. Am I right? Maybe not. A new study shows that exercise may actually make you GAIN weight.1 Arizona researchers found …

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What do you do when you just want to drop?

One of the toughest things about exercise is …. well … toughing it out. When you’re tired and sweaty on that daily walk …. sometimes all you want to do is make it stop! But cutting your workout before you’re done? Not cool. So how do you stay motivated when …

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3 big fitness lies
(that are keeping you fat)

Lifting light weights with many repetition does not guarantee lean muscles.

I’m a pretty even-keeled guy. But even I get bent out of shape when I hear people talking nonsense about fitness. Despite all the research that’s out there, people STILL believe this baloney. And many times, that’s exactly what’s keeping them from leading a healthy lifestyle! It’s tough to separate …

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Are you too busy to exercise?

Most people tend to make work as an excuse to exercise.

If you asked a room full of people their main excuse for giving exercise the short shrift, I’ll bet the answer would be time … not enough of it, that is. It’s no wonder. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to let our bloated must-do lists take precedence over our …

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5 Fitness Cheats That Keep You Fat

You exercise faithfully, putting in your time at the gym. But you’re not seeing the results you want. It’s a common complaint, one that probably makes you want to give up. But don’t throw in the (gym) towel just yet. The problem may be that although you’re logging hours at …

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Five Fun (And Free!) Workout Videos

I like to work out, but with my jam-packed schedule, I hardly have time to lace up a pair of cross-trainers, let alone get to the gym to exercise. But until I can hire a personal trainer to come to my home, I’ll have to call on my powers of …

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Bigger Sometimes IS Better

Let’s face it, most diets fail. One of the key reasons is because people aren’t seeing results. And I don’t blame them for throwing in the towel. Who the heck can stay motivated when they don’t see results? Well here’s some hope. A new study from the Stanford University School …

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