Natural Remedies

The top 3 energy suckers and how to fix them

A special guest post from Sara Gottfried, M.D. You weren’t meant to go through life feeling tired, fat, cranky, stressed out, sleep-deprived and unhappy. These negative patterns are a sure sign that something is out of whack in your body — and the most likely culprit is that your hormones …

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The 3 best menopause moves

Menopause can be reversed through proper diet and exercise.

Going through menopause? Or close to it? I’m told it can be hell. The thermostat’s set to 60° but you still feel 100°. You blew up at your husband because he left his shoes by the front door. And you KNOW you didn’t leave your keys in the front door …

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Can you be TOO clean?

If you’re shelling out cash for antibacterial soap in every room with a sink … You might be wasting your money. I know, I know. You hear all day and night that germs are the enemy and must be destroyed as quickly as possible. But not so fast. As you …

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How Doing Good Makes You Healthier

The other day my friend told me the most heartwarming story. She took her daughter out for breakfast, and when she asked for the bill, the waitress came back with a note: Life is short. Enjoy your time together. This one’s on me. The note wasn’t signed and when she …

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Is Your Cell Phone Making You Fat?

Are you reading this on your smart phone? You may want to put it down. As much as I enjoy you reading my blog, I don’t want to contribute to your expanding waistline. Or to something even more dangerous (More on that later)… Unfortunately, if you’re reading this on a …

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5 Weird And Wacky Cures That Actually Work

drinking watermelon juice

Do you constantly find yourself searching inside your medicine cabinet? Yet you never find what you need? How about thinking outside the cabinet? Today I’m going to share some scientifically proven treatments and cures that work with surprising household objects and foods. They might sound strange, but they work. I …

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Eat This And Be Beautiful


  My bathroom is a sea of creams, lotions and potions. And while sure, I’m concerned with the way my skin looks, most of the bathroom square footage belongs to my lovely wife, Melanie. And no matter how many times I tell her that she’s beautiful regardless of what she …

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