Fast Start Edition No. 5: Quick Carbohydrate Fat Loss Tricks

In just a second I will be sharing some carbohydrate fat loss tricks that are sure to turbo charge your results.

But first, let’s go on a quick tour of what the ingredients in RealDose Formula No. 1 are doing inside your body.

As you may notice when you slow down and focus your attention, your cravings for foods are slowly beginning to recede… making it easier and easier to stay away from those “bad foods” that pack on the pounds.

And your anxiety is beginning to soften, so you feel more energy and maybe you just seem happier.

Now let’s focus on some things going on that you wouldn’t notice.

First, the green coffee bean extract is starting to lower the sugar that is absorbed into your blood stream when you ingest carbohydrates, and the special ayurvedic blend of piper betle leaf and dolichos biflorus seed extract might be raising your adiponectin levels… so that your body begins to use calories for energy instead of storing them as fat.

There is more going on that we will discuss later, but if you are like the people in the research studies… these things are happening. And the result is that as you do the right things to drop pounds… the formula is doing the things that can possibly double your results.

It’s kind of a “one-for-one” situation. For every pound you work hard to lose… RealDose Formula No.1 will help lose another one for you.

Step One: Quick Carbohydrate Fat Loss Tricks

Your intake of carbohydrates can make or break your diet. Too many of the wrong types of carbohydrates can make it impossible to lose fat, while not enough good carbohydrates can leave you sluggish.

And if you are like me, figuring it all out can be very confusing…

Luckily a friend named Tim Ferris figured out a great rule that I now live by:

Trick One: “Don’t Eat Any Carbohydrate That Are, Or Can Be White”

This easy to remember rule means bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas, fried foods with breading, bleached flour, or simple sugars. These white carbohydrates can cause insulin spikes that make weight loss difficult.

Trick Two: Do Not Drink Your Carbohydrates

This trick will save you a lot of unnecessary calories… Stay away from sugary sodas, sugar in your coffee/tea, and fruit juices. Fruit juices in particular fool a lot of people because they seem healthy. But without the natural fiber contained in fruits, fruit juices are really just sugar bombs in disguise.

Trick Three: Limit Your Fruit Intake

Speaking of fruit, just because fruit has health benefits… it does not mean you can eat unlimited amounts. Most fruits are still loaded with sugars… and can cause insulin spikes. I recommend that you stick with fruits low in fructose like cherries, berries, and apples. And at the most eat 2-3 servings a day. Later I will introduce a novel way to get the benefits of these fruits… without all of the sugar.

For a more detailed account of how fruit can make you fat… Click Here

Step Two: Contact Your Free Personal Health Coach

Often because of deeply ingrained bad habits that develop over the years, losing those first pounds and achieving velocity can be difficult. Yes, even with Weight Loss Formula No. 1, Super Critical Omega-3 TG, RealMeal GF, and RealReds

And nothing is better to get YOU over the “mental” hump than a personal health coach…. Even better is being part of a tight knit group that loses weight together… with the aid of experts.

This is why, if you haven’t already, it is so important that you contact your RealDose personal Healthy Life Coach.

Because you are a part of our 90-Day Superfood Weight Loss System, you will receive one free private session with one of our qualified health coaches in order to help you establish your “core driver”. Then you will receive 12 more weeks of free group training that will accelerate your results like you would never believe.

Click Here to Schedule Your Appointment Now..

I also wanted to let you know that you can always go to our Facebook page and you can join other people in discussions and get advice from our certified health professionals.

Today’s Wrap Up

Your bag of tricks keeps growing, as you now have private group coaching and a deep knowledge of carbohydrates to help you fight the battle against the flab.

And another reminder, having a high quality meal replacement supplement around when you are in a hurry can be the difference between cheating -> eating junk -> getting fat … versus staying on track-> eating deliciously healthy-> and dropping pounds.

This becomes even more important when you remember that… for every pound you lose using proper diet and exercise… Weight Loss Formula No. 1 will help you lose another one. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

Make sure to tune in to the next message, I will reveal a delicious way for you to eliminate over 200 calories from your diet.

Steven Sisskind, M.D.
Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Steve Sisskind, M.D.

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Sisskind, Chief Medical Officer & Founder at RealDose Nutrition.

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Years later I discovered a better approach... based on the fundamental idea that the power of nutrition can transform your health and vitality. But there's a lot of confusion... What foods should I eat? Which supplements should I take? What does the science say?

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