How to “go” more often (like clockwork)


This email might seem gross.

However, “regularity” is an important part of enjoying optimal health, and something we need to talk about.


I’m talking about “sending a fax”, “taking the Browns to the Super Bowl”, or “going to the Oval Office” — however you like to call it — and being able to do that everyday, like clockwork, free from pain, free from discomfort, and with the dignity you deserve.

Quick question:

Have you been following my other emails this week?

If so, then what I’m to share should come as no surprise to you.

(And if not, then I recommend you read the whole series here: Did Western medicine get it wrong? It should take just a few minutes. But these emails contain important information.)

Several clinical studies have now demonstrated that there is a clear link between “regularity” and making sure your microbiome is replenished with the right gut bacteria.

In fact, there are two specific strains of probiotic that are proven to help with this:

  • Bifidobacterium longum (BB536) — in a double-blind, randomized study, Japanese scientists found that healthy adults who took this specific strain of probiotic were able to defecate more frequently, with softer and less odorous stools as well.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii (Gnosis) — we met this strain yesterday; as well as helping to prevent multiple different types of diarrhea, it is clinically proven to promote regularity.

As before, there’s an important caveat to all this:

You don’t get this relief from constipation and other health benefits from taking just any “probiotics”. You get them from taking the RIGHT probiotics — i.e. the exact same bacterial strains that were used in the clinical trials, at the exact same dose.

And, guess what?

As far as I know, no company has ever produced a probiotic supplement that contains the specific bacterial strains I’ve been telling you about this week.

That’s why I created RightBiotics Rx.

As a medical doctor, I wanted to be able to give my family a daily probiotic supplement that would give them the same health benefits we’ve talked about.

Benefits like:

  • Relief from gas, bloating, indigestion, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive issues that leave so many people feeling like garbage.
  • Enhanced protection from colds, flus, and upper respiratory infections.
  • Control of cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood lipid levels. (More on this tomorrow.)
  • Help losing weight and keeping it off for good. (More about this on Friday.)

As I mentioned before, we’re running a special promotion for RightBiotics Rx. There’s an opportunity for you to win an entire year’s supply of this supplement on the house.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to put RightBiotics to the test in your own life, the best way to do that is to order a 30-day supply of capsules, which costs $37 — i.e. just $1.23 per day.

(Dumb question: wouldn’t you pay a measly $1.23 each day to be able to “go” properly?)

And if you’re already confident that RightBiotics is everything you’ve been looking for in a probiotics supplement, you can also lock in a three-month supply for only $102, or even six-month supply for just $186. At just over a dollar per day, this represents incredible value.

We’re going to put the name of every person who orders before Sunday at midnight into my proverbial “hat” first thing on Monday morning — and then draw five lucky winners.

All five of them will get a year’s supply of RightBiotics Rx, completely free of charge.

Are you in?

If so, here’s where you need to go to order:

To your health!

Dr. Steve

P.S. In case you’re on the fence, here are a few reviews from our customers.

“J.D.” says:

“I dare say this is the best probiotic I’ve had to date! I’ve had MANY! This one I can even credit for a flatter stomach as whatever I ingest, seems to be fully processed and completely digested so things just pass through very smoothly. I’m very pleased. I’m not sure what’s the difference between this one and all the others I’ve tried, but I’ve been searching for a very long time and this is the one.”

Here’s another review, from “Lori G.”:

“I noticed a change in my digestion right away. I am so happy to find a probiotic that is made with care and science in mind. I also appreciate the packaging and the fact that I do not have to refrigerate it. I would suggest printing a number 1 through 30 on the packaging of each capsule to help the user know which day of the month they are on. I skipped a couple days and ended up using a marker to number mine. Wonderful product!”

“Donna H.” has fewer words to say, but is very clear:

“I have tried multiple probiotics. This one is hands down the very best.”

Why is it about RightBiotics Rx that makes it so special?


It’s the ONLY probiotic supplement on the market (at least as far as I know) that gives you the exact same strains of probiotics that were used in these clinical trials I keep telling you about and at the exact same doses. It’s not rocket science — but this factor is super important.

If you’re ready to start your 30-day trial, and put yourself in the running to win an entire year’s supply of RightBiotics on the house, click the link below:

Click here for next in series.

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