5 household items that will help you shed pounds

A sticky note on fridge

When people decide it’s time to lose weight, they often invest in pricey items like treadmills and body-mass scales. While those expensive tools can be helpful, you might not be aware of some terrific weight-loss tools … … YOU ALREADY OWN. Yes, they’re probably sitting on your shelves and in …

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An easy way to improve your health

Veggie Burger

Celebrity chefs do it. Paul McCartney does it. Heck, even school kids are doing it. It’s an eating style that’s become a global movement. With all the commotion, I thought I’d take a look … and I’m glad I did. Eating this way not only lowers your risk of heart …

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Are you too busy to exercise?

Most people tend to make work as an excuse to exercise.

If you asked a room full of people their main excuse for giving exercise the short shrift, I’ll bet the answer would be time … not enough of it, that is. It’s no wonder. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to let our bloated must-do lists take precedence over our …

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Use your plate to cut calories

Using red plate will make your brain associate the color with the stop sign and you might actually eat less that using other colored plates.

Do you often find yourself eating more than you want to? I know I sure do … And I’ll bet most people do as well. In fact, eating too much is a huge reason why people fail to lose weight. I’ve shared plenty of diet advice in this blog. And I’ve …

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Can you be TOO clean?

If you’re shelling out cash for antibacterial soap in every room with a sink … You might be wasting your money. I know, I know. You hear all day and night that germs are the enemy and must be destroyed as quickly as possible. But not so fast. As you …

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Are you a candidate for a coronary?

My father had a quadruple bypass at age 62. So every ache and pain anywhere near my chest has me double-checking that my will is updated. I have good reason to be ruffled. Cardiovascular disease — including heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure — is the #1 killer in the …

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5 Fitness Cheats That Keep You Fat

You exercise faithfully, putting in your time at the gym. But you’re not seeing the results you want. It’s a common complaint, one that probably makes you want to give up. But don’t throw in the (gym) towel just yet. The problem may be that although you’re logging hours at …

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The Most Fattening Words on a Menu

One of the finer pleasures in life is dining out. Letting someone else do the cooking and serving, not to mention the cleaning, can be a welcome treat after a busy day. And Americans are taking advantage! There are almost a million restaurants in the United States, and on average, …

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The Fruit Fat Connection

All your life you have been told to eat your fruits and vegetables and I am not going to tell you otherwise. I am, however, going to show you that the idea that you can eat all the fruit you want is not necessarily correct. I am even going to …

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How Doing Good Makes You Healthier

The other day my friend told me the most heartwarming story. She took her daughter out for breakfast, and when she asked for the bill, the waitress came back with a note: Life is short. Enjoy your time together. This one’s on me. The note wasn’t signed and when she …

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