Probiotics — a secret fat loss weapon?

Did I ever tell you about my friend, Kathy?

Like a lot of people, she’s always struggled with her weight.

But it’s not because of her “lifestyle” — because Kathy works out at least three times per week, and she mostly eats clean, healthy food. Despite that, she has a hard time losing pounds, and if she has a bad week, for whatever reasons, all that weight comes back again!

Actually, I know quite a few people like Kathy.

For whatever reason, it feels like nature cursed them with a “fat gene”. As a result, burning fat and keeping it off is a constant uphill battle.

Here’s the thing, though:

Sometimes people sneer when you mention a “fat gene”, but there’s a growing body of research that suggests that it could actually be a real thing — only, it has nothing to do with genetics.

There could be something else at play.

A team of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis, compared the microbiomes of obese people with the microbiomes of lean people.

They literally compared the balance of bacteria in their gut.

Do you want to know what they found?

People whose microbiomes are out of balance are more likely to be obese.

And the reason why makes a lot of sense:

It turns out that certain probiotics play an important role in limiting the amount of fat that our gut absorbs — and when this bacteria is at a healthy level, a larger proportion of the fat we eat gets “passed” through our digestive tract without entering our body.

There are several clinical trials which demonstrate that this benefit comes from the Lactobacillus family of probiotics — several strains of which are included in RightBiotics Rx.

Now, just to be clear: I’m not saying that, if you start taking my RightBiotics Rx supplement, you’re going to magically shed 20 pounds in a week.

However, if — like my friend Kathy — you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good, despite eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, there’s now a growing body of research which suggests that the reason why could be that your microbiome is out of balance.

You could just be missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

This is fascinating, don’t you think?

We started this week by talking about the role our microbiome plays in fortifying our body’s immune defenses, protecting us from colds, flus, and other infections, in providing fast relief for digestive discomfort and constipation, in controlling our cholesterol levels — and now, it turns out that it also plays an important role in regulating our weight too.

It’s no wonder that probiotics have been proclaimed “the future of precision medicine”.

All of these chronic health conditions seem unrelated.

And for many decades, mainstream Western medicine has always treated them as if they were. But we’re starting to build a clearer picture now of the VITAL role that a balanced microbiome plays in keeping us healthy. We’re starting to understand that our body isn’t a “machine”, but rather an ecosystem that needs to be nurtured and kept in balance.

Probiotics aren’t a miracle cure.

However, there are dozens upon dozens of clinical trials which prove that many of the chronic health conditions that plague us — conditions that our doctors say we can only “manage” — are “magically” alleviated, sometimes even reversed, when we start nurturing our microbiome with the friendly bacteria it needs to get back into balance.

This is why I take probiotics every day.

It’s why I have my family take them everyday.

It’s why I (respectfully) always push RightBiotics Rx onto my friends too.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I spent more than two years searching the market for a supplement that contains the exact strains of probiotic bacteria that are clinically proven to provide all these health benefits we’ve been talking about. But I couldn’t find any.

Sure, there are plenty of probiotic supplements out there.

But none of them contain the same strains that were used in the clinical trials we’ve talked about, which means they’re basically useless. Because several trials demonstrated, in black and white, that most strains of probiotic have no discernible effect.

If you’d like to put RightBiotics Rx to the test in your own life, I recommend you click the link below and order a 30-day supply. Make sure you take one capsule every day.

Also, we’re running a special promotion right now:

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Here’s where you need to go:

To your health!

Dr. Steve

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