Probiotics — a waste of money?

Yesterday, we were talking about probiotics.

And we looked at how restoring balance to your microbiome can help prevent and alleviate many of the most common chronic health conditions.

Conditions like:

Unpleasant digestive problems… constipation… falling sick every time a new bug or virus makes the rounds… high cholesterol and blood lipid levels… and struggles with weight.

(If you missed this email, I recommend you read it over here — then come back.)

However, as I mentioned yesterday, most probiotics are a waste of money.


This page over here explains it best, but think of it this way:

Let’s say you want to guard your home, and your family, from intruders.

You could just send your husband out and ask him to “get a dog” — but if he comes back with a Chihuahua, it’s going to be practically useless against a robber with a baseball bat.

On the other hand, if he came back with a Doberman, that would be just perfect.

Both of these are, technically, of the species Canis familiaris. And so, if you couldn’t see them with the naked eye, you might think one breed was just as effective as the other.

Obviously, they’re not. Because one breed would rip a robber’s arm out of its socket, while the other would yap at him and do nothing.

Just like the Canis familiaris, each species of probiotics comes in different “breeds”, which we call strains. So while many probiotic supplements contain the species Bifidobacterium lactis, most of them — for economic reasons — contain strains that will not help or protect you.

This isn’t a matter of mere opinion. It’s a proven fact.

Consider this clinical trial:

As part of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers in Austria provided 465 men and women with one of two different strains of the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis.

Both groups were given the same species of bacteria — but each one different “breeds”.

One strain (BI-04, which I included in my RightBiotics Rx supplement) reduced upper respiratory infections by 27%. But the other strain had no effect at all. It was proven to be useless.

What does this study tell us?

Two things:

First — that taking probiotics every day can significantly reduce your chances of falling down with the kind of nasty infection that would put most people in bed sick for a week.

(This, by the way, is one of the reasons why I take my probiotic supplement every day, and why I recommend you do too. Because I can’t afford to take time off sick.)

Second — that you only get this protection if your probiotic supplement contains the same specific strain that was used in this trial, and most probiotic supplements don’t.

As I told you yesterday, I’ve developed our own probiotics supplement.

It’s called RightBiotics Rx.

The reason I created it was that I searched the entire market but I couldn’t find any probiotic supplement that contained the right strains of probiotics — the specific strains that have been clinically proven to relieve and prevent common chronic health issues.

You see, I spent more than two years carefully sifting through every controlled clinical trial I could I get my hands on, in order to identify the specific strains — not species, but strains — of bacteria that are scientifically proven to bring your microbiome back into balance.

RightBiotics Rx contains the specific BI-04 of Bifidobacterium lactis mentioned above, so it can help to dramatically reduce your chances of falling down with a respiratory infection.

It also contains a specific strain (Lafti L10, in case you’re curious) of Lactobacillus helveticus, which has been proven to boost your immune defense, alleviate severe symptoms of cold and flu, and reduce the need for medication by 23%.

There are also 8 additional probiotic strains — and I’ll tell you about some of the more important ones later in the week, because they deserve their own emails.

We’ve just opened the doors on a special promotion for RightBiotics Rx.

This is a special opportunity — and we’re running it because it’s Labor Day next week.

Here’s the deal:

If you order a 30-day trial of RightBiotics before midnight on Sunday, you could win an entire year’s supply — 100% on the house, with no strings, no conditions.

Next Monday morning, on Labor Day, we’re going to put the name of everyone who ordered their 30-day trial into a hat — as well as everyone who ordered the 3-month and 6-month options — and we’re going to select five lucky winners.

Remember, though — you need to get in before Sunday at midnight.

However, let me warn you: our stock of RightBiotics might not last that long. Because, as of now, we only have 1,196 boxes available for new customers — and this email just went out to more than 450,000 of our followers.

There’s a reasonable chance that we will have run out long before Sunday’s deadline.

So, if you’re interested, I recommend you put in your order ASAP.

Here’s where you can do that:

To your health,

Dr. Steve

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