Rare Coffee Bean More Than Doubles Fat Loss

Science is always more interesting when it is counterintuitive. Case in point… it has been clearly established that caffeine induces insulin resistance. And insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes and serious weight problems.

And you would think that drinking coffee (among the main sources of caffeine in the world) would also cause insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and weight problems.

But think again. It turns out that people who drink more than 7 cups of coffee a day (WOW) have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes than non coffee drinkers.

Just what in the world is going on here?

Obviously caffeine is not responsible. In fact, there must be some compounds in coffee that override the negative effects of caffeine on your insulin levels.

So what are these compounds?

Well, the scientists went to work and discovered the compounds responsible, and they are called chlorogenic acids. And by extracting certain chlorogenic acids from a certain type of coffee bean, researchers were able to develop a specific extract that not only helps with insulin levels…

They were able to develop an extract that is proven to actually more than double fat loss on human subjects. In fact it actually increases the Muscle to Fat ratio compared to placebo by over 250%!

And this is simply not something you are going to be able to do by drinking even 20 cups of coffee a day, or by using any other coffee bean extract.

The story is pretty interesting.

First the scientists went searching for the type of coffee beans with the highest concentrations of chlorogenic acids. After searching for a while they found them in Madagascar of all places.

It turns out that most of the coffee we drink is actually called “Coffea Arabica” and all in all it is NOT a great source of these acids. A much better source is a rare species called “Coffea Canephora” and this species of coffee has almost three times the chlorogenic acids as the coffee we drink.

They also figured out that it is the young coffee beans (green coffee beans) that have the highest concentration.

The next step of course was to get rid of the caffeine because as mentioned earlier – caffeine has the opposite effect of what they were looking for.

Finally, they isolated the specific chlorogenic acids responsible for blood sugar control, and created a patented extraction process that yielded a compound responsible for the fat loss results mentioned above.

This compound, extracted and standardized in a special facility in France, at a dose of 400mg a day exhibits two powerful actions that promote fat loss and blood sugar regulation:

  • 1. It inhibits glucose (sugar) absorption in the small intestine. In short, this ingredient helps to block the sugar from the carbohydrates you consume from being absorbed by your stomach and entering your blood stream… so you have lower blood sugar.

    This forces your body to use fat as energy instead of sugar, thus burning fat stores…

  • This one is kind of complicated, but very important. When your blood sugar dips below 100 mg/dL, your liver normally kicks in and releases sugars (glucose 6 phosphate) into the blood stream – thus minimizing the fat burning effects of keeping your blood sugar in check…

However, this ingredient actually interrupts this process…

Causing increased burning of fatty acids for energy.

The results are great if you want to lose fat.

People who used this ingredient lost more than twice the amount of body weight versus a placebo group on the exact same diet.

More impressive is that the muscle to fat ratio of the group taking this ingredient increased by 256% more than the placebo group over the same period of time.

This indicates that not only did weight loss increase, but that the group using this ingredient maintained a greater percentage of muscle compared to the placebo group!

This is why RealDose decided to include this specific ingredient at the real dose (400 mg a day) in Weight Loss Formula No. 1. It was a lot more costly than copycat green coffee bean extracts trying to fool people into believing they would have the same effects, but our promise is of course to deliver a product that works.

***If you are a complete science junky, here is a nice complicated diagram below for you explaining the mechanism of action.

Mechanism of action

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