The Most Inexpensive Weight Loss Ingredient Known to Man

A recent study performed by Brenda Davey, Ph.D., of Virginia Tech University finally demonstrated what many people have been saying for years…

There is a virtually free ingredient that can accelerate fat loss.

And surprisingly, the benefit far exceeded expectations.

In a randomized, controlled intervention trial, 48 adults were divided into two groups. One group consumed two units of this ingredient prior to their meals. The other did not.

All of the subjects ate a low calorie diet during the study.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the group that consumed this ingredient lost 44% more weight than the group that did not.1

Want to Know What This “Magic Ingredient” Is?

I bet you do!

The answer is… WATER… Pure H2O!!!

Two glasses of water before a meal can increase weight loss

Just two cups of water before every meal increased weight loss dramatically.

How is that for a low cost weight loss solution?

Researchers are not sure why the results are so pronounced, but their best guess is that drinking water before meals leads to less calories consumed per meal.

I will admit that I am a bit surprised at how dramatic the results are… but the data is clear and convincing.

One thing to note is that the two groups were both consuming low calorie diets. I doubt you can use this technique and lose any weight by eating unhealthy, high calorie meals… so it is NOT a panacea.

Also, preliminary research indicates that the results are more pronounced in older adults than in people in their teens and early 20’s.

I would say this could be a healthy habit at any age — but if you are a mature adult it appears that drinking water before meals is a very smart addition to your current efforts to stay healthy and slim.

Action Steps and Final Thoughts

1) Keep a 16oz water bottle with you at all times. It makes sense that if you keep water with you, you’re more likely to drink it. On the other hand, if you get hungry and water is not close by, chances are you’ll just start your meal without it and miss this powerful weight loss opportunity.

2) If you go out, ask your waiter for two glasses of water upon arrival. Or if you get take out, order a 16 oz bottle of water with your meal and drink it before you begin eating. Over time, this will become habitual and second nature to you.

Last thing… Before we wrap this up, I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you have on this subject.

Do you struggle to drink enough water? Have you discovered a tip or trick that makes drinking enough water, especially before meals, any easier?

If so – or even if you just have a question – I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comment section below.

Until next time, I wish you the best success in your journey!

Steve Sisskind, M.D.

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Sisskind, Chief Medical Officer & Founder at RealDose Nutrition.

As a young physician, I struggled because my patients came to me with serious health issues, but I didn't have the right tools to help them. Medical school taught me how to put "band aids" on their symptoms with drugs and surgery, but not how to address the root causes of their problems.

Years later I discovered a better approach... based on the fundamental idea that the power of nutrition can transform your health and vitality. But there's a lot of confusion... What foods should I eat? Which supplements should I take? What does the science say?

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1. American Chemical Society (2010, August 23). Drink water to curb weight gain? Clinical trial confirms effectiveness of simple appetite control method.

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  1. Dr. Steve – I have drank water as you have suggested for several years now. I always have a 16 oz. bottle of water with me around the house, especially when I am watching TV – I don’t take it in the car unless i am finishing one up b/c as you know, you are not supposed to leave plastic water bottles in the car. I think you are right, as long as you have it near you, you are going to drink it. I believe it definitely helps with weight loss and elimination. To me, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold drink of water!!

  2. I flip flop with the ease of drinking a lot of water a day. Some days it’s no problem at all but on the other days that I find myself struggling with it I’ve found for me if I purchase a large fountain cup with ice and fill it with water and drink it through a straw I can manage to consume quite a hit without even realizing it’s time to refill the cup.

  3. Water is my favourite beverage!
    If I can start the day with a minimum of 1-1.5+L before leaving the house /going to work, not only will I consciously make better food choices throughout the day my energy and focus are sky high. It’s very noticeably if I don’t do this.

    The water has to be consumed as soon as you get up.
    I will prepare my water in glass jars ready the night before and I have a fantastic water filter which makes my water so soft to drink.

  4. Hi,
    I was extremely excited to receive my order of Weight loss formula 1 some months back but was then extremely disappointed that it didn’t work for me at all.
    I was very careful to follow the instructions because it was quite an expensive purchase for me.
    Now, I just look at the empty weight loss formula 1 bottles and tell myself that I should know better than to put my hope and very little savings into such things. After all why would they work for me when nothing else ever has?
    I envy all of you, that will no doubt get great results from these products and wish you a healthy and happy weight loss/health gaining journey.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for posting your concerns! I am deeply sorry that you did not get the expected results from using RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1. Every one responds to the supplement differently and depending on the amount of changes that needs to be made. Most of our customers report feeling changes like boosted mood, less hunger, better sleep, and increased energy during the first weeks of use. Not all people begin losing weight during the 1st month though. In fact, we find that many customers see BEST results after after their 2nd or 3rd month of use. Please keep in mind that our research is based on a 12-week application. That was the time frame in which the RealDose ingredients, in double-blind human studies, were shown to have maximum effectiveness. So, in all likelihood, you may be doing everything right, but you may just need more time. That said, I do hope you continue with your healthy changes and never give up on this journey to better health. We are here for you! Make it a healthy day!

  5. Just ordered your real dose – been trying to loose a lot of weight but not working exercising 3-5 days a week-drinking a lot of water daily so don’t believe I’ll have trouble with the h2o-I’m hoping that this will work for me I feel like I’ve tried everything else -except surgery last resort—

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for sharing your concerns with us! I certainly understand your frustration and encourage you to continue with your healthy changes. It is best that you remain consistent and stick to a dietary plan in order to avoid hormonal fluctuations. By keeping steady, your body will adjust less to the fluctuations and focus its efforts in responding to your healthy changes. In turn, this will result to greater chances of you losing weight. In terms of exercise, I understand that it may be difficult for you at this time but wanted to cheer you on to get moving when you can. Moving about or keeping active will help maintain your range of motions as well as strengthen your joints and muscles. Hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!

  6. I have to drink at least 96 oz of water daily because of a recent dx & initiation of chemotherapy. Drinking water does not come easy for me. I use a generous squirt of Sicilia Lemon Juice sold in the produce section of the grocery store. It has been so easy to drink the water required.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Debra,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing! I am sorry to hear of your battle and want you to know that we are here for you. Have you tried adding a few slices of lemon to your still water? I find that it helps cut through the taste and the fresh fruit is able to add vitamins too. I hope this helps, Debra! Make it a healthy day!

  7. I use a few Mio or Dasani drops to flavor the water. No calories, and not too many chemicals.

  8. Hi, On a different note do you have any suggestions for a diet to avoid prostrate cancer for men?

    Hi, On a different note do you have any suggestions for a diet to avoid prostrate cancer for men? Please advice. Claudette.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Claudette,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! I am deeply sorry but cannot suggest that will help avoid prostate cancer, per se. However, I do believe that a healthy, well balanced diet along with an active lifestyle will help you maintain your good health. Processed foods should be avoided and always opt for whole foods, lean meats and fresh produce where possible. If you have a family history of any illness, it is important to be of constant vigilance and get checked every year. Always be honest and open with your doctor to ensure accurate and proper diagnosis too. Hope these help! Make it a healthy day!

    • Teaspoon of Baking Soda and 1 teaspoon of Black Strap Molasses in a small amount of water, followed by 8 ounces of water. Do this 3 times a day. Lowers your acidic level that the cancer feeds on. Had a friend with prostate cancer do this for four months, No Chemo or Radiation. He is cancer free now! Praise God!

  9. Doesn’t drinking too much water also dilute your stomach acid causing digestive issues?

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Jenn,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! Stomach enzymes are highly specific and only react to the food component they were secreted to digest. Although, a too large a volume of water (if you are not used to drinking lots of it) will lead you to feel full quite quickly. I do suggest that you start off taking small frequent sips to build your tolerance for water. Soon, you will find that you are able to drink more while also able to eat your meal. Hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!


  11. Hi thanks to your answer
    I have Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) and I must use a tablet that it name is asentra sertrallin.
    I used them and caused fatty in my stomach and caused extra LDL and sugar in my blood.
    I dont know who doing? please help me.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Ya,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! I completely understand your concerns but given your delicate condition, I do want to suggest that you work closely with your personal doctor before getting started on any diet or supplement. The reason being, while we are confident that most supplements are safe and well tolerated, we have no sure way of knowing how it will react to both your body and medication. Now, for your concerns about the extra weight, I do suggest you cut back a little on your carbohydrate in take and add more whole grain, fruits and vegetables to your diet. This will help you decrease blood sugar spikes and ease some of the propensity to form fat. Exercise is also recommended but you may to talk to your doctor about that. Be sure to add a lot of Omega 3 rich foods such as avocado, nuts and seeds to your diet to help with inflammation symptoms too. I do hope this helps, Ya! Make it a healthy day!

      • Aren’t fruits, veggies and whole grains carbs as well? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say simple sugars and processed carbs, i.e. Potato chips vs complex carbs and even proteins?

      • Dr. Steve Sisskind

        Hi Kimi,

        Thank you for writing in and for sharing your thoughts with us! While it be easier to categorize them into simple sugars and carbs, some folks need to understand how every day food items negatively or positively affect their health. Simple sugars and processed carbs from junk food, deli meats and candies, for example, are unhealthy and should be avoided. However, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, aside form their carbohydrate load, also pack other healthy benefits such as fiber nutrients and vitamins. By explaining these, we are able to reach out and let others understand how these work. Make it a healthy day!

  12. If I drank that much water before eating, I would never eat. I find for myself, that drinking anything (not alcohol), before I eat curbs my appetite. Not sure why. Still I might try the water again, but reduce it to one glass – 150mls.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Berenice,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your thoughts with us! I completely understand your concerns and know how difficult it can be to drink that much right away, if you are not used to it. I suggest you take a glass before eating and then have the second glass during and after eating. Small sips work just fine and you can start with an amount you are comfortable with. Over time, you will notice you are able to drink a little more every day and soon, will be up to two glasses. Hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!

  13. Ooops – my bad – in previous post referring to acid/alkaline protocol, I mentioned that I was adding organic baking powder to water – typo! Should be organic baking SODA!!!!

  14. I am excitedly waiting for my first shipment and am using the time to research other nutritional information as I have just been dx with Stage 3 kidney failure. I am intrigued by the notion of acid/alkaline balance and have purchased some organic baking powder … one teaspoon in every glass of water. Somehow, drinking the water seems doubly therapeutic now and no taste whatsoever. After 3 days I believe I do feel a difference in digestion and energy. Dr. S – is this something I would be wise to continue or stop once I begin the WL1 product? Do you have any thoughts on the merit of the alkaline/acid theories? Thank you.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your thoughts with us! I have heard many wonderful and therapeutic claims made with alkaline water but have, yet, to try it out for myself. I am deeply sorry to learn of your diagnosis and do understand the caution you are taking. That said, I do encourage you to check in with your personal doctor and get his thoughts with you adding a new supplement to your diet. The reason being, while we are confident that RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 is safe and made with all natural ingredients, we have no sure way of knowing how your body will react to the supplement along with your other medications.

      As for the merit of acid/alkaline balance, yes, to a certain degree I do believe that both must be in harmony or balanced to the body to function at its optimum level. While the research on the theories may be contradicting and both sides prove solid arguments, the fact of the matter is, the body needs a harmony of both to stay healthy. Too much acid, for example, in the gut will lead to discomfort and too much alkaline will cause the body to over exert to restore balance.

      I wish you great success on your journey to better health, Patricia and hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!

  15. I dont have a problem drinking water , i love water i always have. I odered realdose few days ago so iam really excited hoping that it will help me, i already lost 13 kg i am on Jenny Craig , but now i am stuck and the weight wont move as easy, i know why too i have Pcos and after having a baby its even harder my body just doesnt process food the way it should, if i eat high carb only for a day the next day i am 500 grams or more , havier . I am not a big eater, but it seems i have to avoid all carbs , i have sweet tooth i feel like my body tells me it need something but i dont know what it is, and i am not hungry but mostly i crave sweet . Is realdose gonna help me with this hormone that goes up and down. I feel liKe i have to be on a diet for the rest of my life , i also use fitnesspal app counting jenny craigs food i eat. I walk a lot too. Just want to know if it can help me reset my body , i hope it will . If it does I definitely will pirchase it again.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Alma,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your experience with us! PCOS and pregnancy can cause one to gain drastically and losing the new weight may not come easily. However, as daunting as it may seem, it is still quite possible. Recognizing your propensity to gain weight after eating too much carbohydrates is a good thing as it allows you to be cautious and limit your portions. I do recommend that you try to get most of you carb needs from vegetables, some beans and fresh fruit, where possible.

      RealDose Weight Loss Formula No,1 can help you lose weight by helping your body get better control over your cravings and appetite. It will also, over time, help improve your sleeping patterns and mood, both of which will control the levels of Cortisol in your system. That said, while it will help with your cravings and appetite, it will not influence or affect your PCOS, and you may still need to seek advise from your doctor with regards to managing your other symptoms.

      However, we do understand the urgency of your concern and do want you to know that we are to help. So, should you have any questions or concerns,please do not hesitate to let us know. I wish you great success on your journey to better health, Alma! And, make it a healthy day!

    • I read if you drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning and then go for a 1 hour walk you can loose a pound per day .I did this for 14 days and lost a stone in weight try it .

  16. I have received my order today and I am very excited to get started, since the weekend is here, I decided to start on Monday. Since I am using the RealMeal and RealRed how to I fit in these two with the weight loss formula and the omega 3? I really love the Real Red and I also like the RealMeal but I might have to back off the Real Meal I kind of get a little stopped up, I have brought my treadmill and my ab lounge out of storage, now I just have to set up an workout schedule.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Jean,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your thoughts with us! RealMeal and RealReds can be mixed together to make a delicious and hearty breakfast smoothie. You can have them both in the mornings or as a light snack before/after a workout, for that extra boost of energy. On the other hand, RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 should be taken 30 minutes before meals. Should you forget simply take it as soon as you remember. RealDose Super Critical Omega 3 TG can be taken any time but I do suggest that you take them in them in the mornings to help you remember.

      To help you avoid getting backed up, I do suggest that you increase you water intake throughout the day. Now that the weather’s a bit warm and you are planning on exercising, you may lose more water than you take in. Also, a warm drink in the evenings, tea or infused with slices of lemon, will help you get things going right before bed. It will also keep you from feeling extraordinarily full after a heavy meal.

      I wish you great success on your journey, Jean, and let us know if you have further questions! Have a healthy day!

  17. What works for me. I take a minimum of 6 swallows each time
    I put the glass or bottle to my lips. It makes drinking 16 ounces
    easier and quicker than sipping .

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Rodney,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your great tip! It makes sense and helps you drink your 16 ounces pretty quickly. Looking forward to more tips! Have a healthy day!

  18. I understand water is crucial to success with dieting but I’ve also learned that lots of water with your meal dilutes the stomach acids so you don’t digest as well. Is it possible that you should drink 2 glasses (with Real Dose) and make sure to wait at least 15 minutes so the water can leave your stomach?

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for writing in! If you are not used to drinking two full glasses of water before a meal, it tends to be too heavy for your stomach to handle and give the impression that it impairs digestion. However, digestive enzymes are highly specific and only react to food particles to which they were secreted for. Water will not dilute the enzymes themselves but instead give your stomach the sensation that it is full and help you eat less.

      That said, I do understand that drinking 2 full glasses at the start of a meal may seem a bit much, especially if you are not used to it. I do suggest that you take 1 full glass along with your RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 and take smaller sips as you eat your meal. Also, your suggestion of 2 glasses 30 to 15 minutes before a meal is fine and it will not affect the absorption of your supplement.

      Again, I thank you for writing in, Sharon and do hope this helps! Have a healthy day!

  19. I have a question about the diet, can i only eat berries, for my fruit intake, I always make a fruit salad with yoghurt in the mornings before the main breakfast using apples, pears, grapes or mandarins, or whatever fruit is around, is this not right to do and if not why is that?

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Deidre,

      Thank you for writing in! Berries are a wonderful addition to any diet and we recommend as much as 3 half a cup servings per day. The same holds true for you other fruit consumption. All in all, try to limit your intake to 3, 1/2 cup servings throughout the day to avoid sugar spikes. Personally, I like to eat my fruits early in the morning, just as you would and then have a small serving after dinner or when I’m craving for something sweet as a snack. Hope this helps! Have a healthy day!

  20. I’m 56 yrs old and within the next year, I intend to become, 57 years young. I can best describe my weight loss plan as a lifestyle change. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. My goal is to prevent myself from falling victim to this devastating disease. Thank you for your words of encouragement. As of this morning, my weight loss is, 11 lbs. For others, having a hard time drinking water, after the first couple of days, your body will crave it and you won’t be able to eat a meal without drinking water first.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your experience with us! Congratulations on the 11 pound weight loss! Yes, I completely agree with you that it takes a healthy lifestyle change if you not only want your weight to go down, but keep it away for good. I shall be praying for your continued success and should you need any help or advice, never hesitate to let us know. Again, I thank you for sharing and do look forward hearing from you again! Have a healthy day!

  21. Hi, I have recently purchased your product. I started it but find it hard to stick to anything due to my busy workload plus getting ready to move. I tend to grab something that is fast to eat and my husband and I eat out alot. I try to make healthy choices but don’t seem to have much will power so then I think why bother because I can’t stick to anything anyways so I stop and then I think well that was alot of wasted money and I should know better cause I never stick to anything. So there you have it. My problem in a nutshell.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 works best when taken 30 minutes before meals, 3 times per day. However, we understand that busy schedules may make it quite challenging to take the supplement as directed. If so, do not fret and simply take the pill as soon as you remember. Also, be sure to stick to your healthy eating plan and exercise regimen as closely as you can in your hectic day in order to move steadily in your journey to weight loss. Hope this helps! Have a healthy day!

  22. I have mot started my weight loss program as I am having Cataract surgery. Not sure as to how this product will effect my body I am waiting till 2nd, eye is taken care of. I am excited to start product as I need all the help I can get,

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! Yes, I completely agree with you and you should prepare your body for your coming surgery and healing process. RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 is made with all natural ingredients and is safe for very day use. That said, the formula may not directly affect your surgery or pre-op preparations however, I do recommend that you focus your efforts on your recovery and healing process, at this time. As soon as you are ready, we would be more than happy to help you on your journey to weight loss. Make it a healthy day!

  23. I’m still eagerly waiting for my formular 1 to arrive. Any idea how much longer it will take? I ordered it more than a week ago.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Dianne,

      Thank you writing in and for letting me know! I am deeply sorry that your order is taking a while to reach you. I have asked a member of our RealCare Team to look into your concerns and send your order’s details. Hope this helps! Have a healthy day!

  24. I ordered the real dose about a week ago and have not received it as of today. I am really excited about getting started. I have been doing a low calorie diet for 2 weeks now, but truly feel like I need this extra real dose per say to help get this go started in my body I am 48 years of age. Weight has always been a problem for me. I have tried a lot I mean a lot of diet methods. Some have done o.k. and others not so well. As for me I truly believe that u real dose is going to be for me. So with that could you please see what the hold up is. I than you very much for your time. I can not wait to let you see me in 6 months from now.sincerely MRS. GORRELL

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Monica,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! I have contacted our RealCare Team and an agent should be in touch with you shortly with the information you requested. I am terribly sorry that your order of RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1 is taking so long to reach you and we are currently looking into a faster means of delivery.

      As for cutting back on calories, I encourage to look at both the content and the quality of the food. For example, it is perfectly alright to eat 200 calories worth of salad but not so much a small piece of Belgian Chocolate. Also, when it comes to vegetables, especially the leafy, you can have as much as 4 to 6 servings per day. Lastly, a severely low calorie diet, below 1200 calories for sedentary women and 1400 calories for sedentary men, can slow your metabolism 12 – 20 percent. If this is continued over a long period of time, it may take months or even years, for your metabolism to re-adjust.

      See you in 6 months, Monica! And, make it a healthy day!

    • I knew a Monica Gorrell from Lagrande, OR….is this the same one?

  25. I don’t really have a comment but a question. Today at long last I have just received my first RealDoseNutrition. but in three weeks time I have to have a hip replacement and I just wondered if there is any thing in the above that means I should withhold the product during this time.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Hilary,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! There should be no problem with you taking the supplement prior to surgery but I do strongly recommend that you speak with your personal doctor before taking your first pill. The reason being, while we are confident that RealDose Weight Loss Formula NO.1 is safe for every day use and is well tolerated, we have no sure way of knowing how your body will respond to the supplement. And also, by speaking with your doctor you will not only know if you are able to take the pills but also be made aware of other pre-operative preparations that need to be done. I hope this helps! Have a healthy day!

  26. Every time I try to play this video re water it says:

    I am not able to get into this video as stated and have no idea what it means because as far as I am aware it is only about water. I am a bit concerned about the contents of this video. I would like to get some comment if Dr Sisskind is aware of this.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Hilary,

      Thank you for writing in and for letting us know! I am glad you have brought this to my attention and I shall be asking my Tech Team to look into the video. As for the content, it basically talks about Dr. Brenda Davey’s study and how drinking water can accelerate weight loss. The details of the video are outlined in the article below. Again, I thank you for bringing this to my attention! Have a healthy day!

  27. I’m not a great water drinker but find that a few drops of lemon or lime juice or a slice of the same in my glass makes it much more palatable. Also a couple of slices of cucumber and some mint seems to be very refreshing.

    • Dr. Steve Sisskind

      Hi Stephany,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your great idea with us! I agree and resort to the same tactics to get my kids to drink more water. Have a healthy day!

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